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Applying for a Rental Property

Applying for a Rental Property is easy with ezyAPP, because we are here to help!


  1.   Choose the property you would like to apply for.

  2.   Use our online booking system to register for an inspection.

  3.   Submit an ezyAPP Tenancy Application Form. (We do not accept ‘1-Form’.) You can apply for up to 3 properties on the same application. HOWEVER – If you apply for more than one property, we will start by processing your first preference. If this is unsuccessful, we will advise you and if your application has passed our criteria, we will offer to put forward your second preference, and so on.

NOTE – you do not have to inspect a property to be accepted – Just fill out an ezyAPP form advising that you are happy to take the property without viewing it

ezyAPP is the fastest and easiest way for you to apply for one of our rental properties.
ezyAPP is our own online application ensuring maximum efficiency, privacy and security.
On submission of the ‘Main’ Tenant’s application, a link is sent directly any Additional Tenants to complete their own forms. Your applications are all kept together for faster processing.

Signing a Tenancy Agreement

Should you be successful in your application, you will be asked to sign a Form 18a – General Tenancy Agreement.

Therefore, we highly advise that you view our SAMPLE here so you are aware of all the terms and conditions BEFORE you submit an application:

What do we Look for in a Tenant?

It is our job to find a suitable tenant for the properties we manage, on behalf of the owners of the properties.

It might help you to understand that property owners have two major concerns:

  1. Is the tenant going to pay the rent on time so that I can pay my mortgage?
  2. Is the tenant going to look after my property so that it maintains its value as an investment?

In order to minimise risk to our owners, our office maintains a very strict Tenant Selection Criteria. Our aim is to take as much care as possible in the selection process to ensure stable, happy tenancies.

Your rental history is a very important factor in your application. We will contact your present and past agents/landlords to obtain a reference. This includes a ledger showing your rent payment history. If your application shows a poor payment history, we unfortunately will not be recommending your application to the owner.

Tenant Selection Criteria

Positive ID
Tenancy Record (previous History)
Ability to pay rent
References – Business / Personal
Attitude to Renting
Commercial Database

First Time Renters

If you are a first-time tenant just leaving home, don’t despair – we will still consider your application, but we will be looking very closely at other factors including a stable income and employer references.

It would also strengthen your application if you can have one of your parents co-sign the lease with you. This will help you break into the rental market.  Once you establish yourself as a reliable tenant, you will be able to sign future leases on your own.

If you have no rental history because you have been a home-owner, we would love to hear from you! Paying your own mortgage and taking care of your own property means that you will do the same as a tenant. If your property is on the sale market, give us the name of your sales agent so that we can obtain a reference from them.


To make your application stronger, why not consider doing a ‘Guide to Renting’ course with the Tenancy Skills Institute? This is a free online course designed for first-time renters and covers useful topics including how to secure and maintain a rental property, and your rights and resposibilities as a tenant.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you can add to your tenancy application to show that you have gained the skills required to be a good tenant. Click the logo below for more details.

Don't leave out any information

Finally, it is absolutely imperative that you are truthful on your application and do not leave out any relevant information.

We have access to many resources including TICA (a national tenancy database), and have good working relationships with other agents in the area. Our application processing procedure is thorough and designed to show up any inconsistencies. Any application that is misleading or untruthful is automatically declined.

If there is a reason why your rental history is not as good as it should be, you must be up front and explain your situation on your application form. We can then pass this onto the owner who can make an informed decision.

Do you have a poor rental history? The Tenancy Skills Institute can help!

If you went through a bad tenancy in the past, and left with money owing or a bad payment ledger, you may find it difficult to be considered for another rental property.

A poor rental history can follow you for years, even though your situation changes and you feel that you would be a responsible tenant if given another chance.

So what can you do?

The Tenancy Skills Institute runs free courses to give tenants the necessary skills to maintain successful tenancies. Topics include budgeting, cleaning, and communication with property managers. Having a certificate of completion from the TSI shows that you are committed to fulfilling your responsibilities and will give you a better chance of securing a rental property.