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Community – Guide to Renting

In our role as a leading Property Management company, we believe that we have a great opportunity to improve peoples’ lives by providing tenants and owners with access to accurate, relevant information.

After more than a decade of assisting tenants securing properties and dealing with all matters associated with tenancies, we have come to recognise three very concerning issues:

Many new renters are not given the right information to help them secure their first rental property.

Many tenants are not aware of their rights during a tenancy – resulting in financial and emotional stress.

Many tenants are not aware of their responsibilities during a tenancy – resulting in a bad reference that can follow them for years.

A 30 minute presentation

We have therefore put together a 30-minute presentation which outlines basic information that first-time renters will find extremely helpful. Initially geared towards school leavers, the session will benefit tenants of all ages who have not dealt with a rental agent, or have limited experience as a tenant.

We have presented our ‘Guide to Renting’ to several schools and tertiary institutions throughout Brisbane, and the feedback has been extremely positive.

If you would like to take advantage of this FREE presentation, please contact Louis, our head of Marketing and Communications on 3888 0098 or