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Should I allow Pets at my Rental Property?

This is a tough question to answer because it’s totally up to the owner. Allowance of pets is one of the few things against which you are legally allowed to discriminate (unless of course the pet is an assistance pet such as a seeing eye dog).

Firstly, we have to clarify that not all properties should take pets. Most units and some townhouses restrict pets in their Body Corporate rules, and some houses don’t have the space or facilities to cater for larger pets. Furthermore, properties with exceptional gardens that may not withstand a boisterous dog should place restrictions on the type of pet allowed.

Having said that, there are many rental properties that are quite suited to keeping a pet.

The main concern that owners have with allowing a pet is the potential damage or extra wear and tear that may be caused, both inside and outside the property. While this is a valid concern, it is important to understand that the way a pet behaves at a property is a direct result of its owners. Therefore, if a tenant has a good rental history with good references, it follows that their pets will behave accordingly.

But why should an owner consider pets if they pose a certain risk?

The simple fact is that many tenants have pets, and by excluding pets you may be restricting your potential market by as much as 70% of the population. This may have an effect on the rental price you wish to achieve. Furthermore, when choosing a tenant, you have to weigh up all sorts of factors including how many people will be living at the property, their income, rental references, and stability. It would be unwise to overlook good quality tenants simply because they have a pet. Furthermore, ownership of a pet can often indicate a responsible and stable person.

To minimise the risk of damage by pets, we always recommend to NOT allow a pet inside the home; and regular inspections by your Property Manager will show very quickly if any damage or excess wear is being caused by the pet.