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What is the Procedure for Vacating Tenants?

At the end of a tenancy, tenants are required to hand the property back to the Agent in the same condition than when they moved in – minus fair wear and tear.

They will usually be asked to hand in the keys to the Agent’s office along with the Exit Condition Report, plus evidence of carpet cleaning and flea control.

The Agent then has 3 business days to inspect the property and return the Exit Condition Report to the Tenant with any issues they see as the Tenant’s responsibility. The Tenant must be given the chance to rectify any issues within a reasonable time frame.

Often, the Tenant will allow the Agent to send out a contractor to attend to cleaning/repairs, and agree to have the cost deducted from the rental bond. This is by far the most effective and efficient procedure for all parties concerned. Some tenants fear that this may go against their tenancy record, but this is incorrect. Agents prefer to send in their own contractors because they know the job will be done to a good standard, and it will be completed in time for the next tenancy to begin. The main aim is to complete the vacate process with minimal fuss and have everyone in agreement.