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Traditionally one of a Property Manager’s main jobs is to go out into the field and inspect their managed properties.  The owner is then provided with a report and (hopefully) lots of photos as evidence of   the state of the property.

In recent years, due to heavy discounting of fees by some agents, the industry has become very competitive and this has resulted in many agencies cutting costs in some important areas.

One of these areas is the routine inspections,  because this is quite a labour intensive task.

Many agencies choose to reduce their costs in this area by hiring part-time staff (on a lower pay scale) to carry out the inspections. These staff may not even be qualified Property Managers, they don’t have the background knowledge of the tenancy, and do not have the relationship with the owners.

More concerning, however, is that many agencies now choose to outsource property inspections to other companies in an attempt to boost their profit. This means that not one staff member of the managing agency has cause to visit their properties until the tenant vacates, and the Property Manager may have little idea of the true state of the property they are managing.

This may seem hard for a property owner to comprehend, as they assume the agent they have hired to be their eyes and ears will be the one visiting the property on a regular basis.

Rest assured, here at Solutions your property is in good hands!

Our Property Managers take full responsibility of their portfolios and each one personally attends her properties to carry out the routine inspections,    prepare the report—with photos, and send it out to our owner clients.

So if there is an issue with how the tenant is treating the property, or a maintenance problem, your property manager can follow through seamlessly on your behalf.

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