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By November 12, 2016No Comments

Protecting Your Investment by ensuring the right checks are done

Like many agents, ezyAPP utilises TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia), to check the background of tenants applying to rent our managed properties.

While this database covers the tenant’s rental history, it is limited to whether a previous agent has listed them for a past indiscretion.

We are therefore pleased to introduce a service enhancement which will arm our owners with extra relevant information about an applicant.

Powered by VEDA, the National Tenancy Database (NTD) focuses on ID fraud and other checks that are not covered by TICA.

By using NTD as well as TICA to screen applicants, we are able to access similar data that the credit companies do when people apply for loans, credit cards etc.

With both residential and commercial services available, National Tenancy Database provides access to over 2 million individual tenancy files, 3 million public records files, and one million commercial credit files.

Supported by Veda and real estate agents across Australia, National Tenancy Database provides information that helps reduce your risk of exposure to unsuitable tenants, thereby helping to maximise your investment’s return.

National Tenancy Database provide a combination of features and checks:

  • Identity Verification – checks details against government data sources to verify the applicant’s identity to help protect against identity fraud.
  • Individual Public Record Search – details of any bankruptcies, court writs or court judgements held on the applicant.
  • Tenant Check – details of ‘blacklisted’ tenants and tenancy history held on Australia’s  largest tenant database.
  • Visa Verification – verify the prospective   tenant’s eligibility to work and live in Australia by validating the authenticity and duration of their visa.

As our client, you can rest assured that we have done all we can to build a complete picture of the applicant and ensure they meet our office criteria before presenting them to you for approval.

For more information about National Tenancy Database or TICA please visit:








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