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Any property manager worth their salt will tell you that one of the biggest factors in costly repairs to an investment property is neglect.

What starts out as a minor issue is quickly dismissed—’it’s only a small crack, nothing to worry about’.

This month, we are introducing our investors to Geoff Prior. Geoff has been a qualified cabinetmaker for 30 years. Now, he’s taken his skills to a new level after donning a white jacket and stethoscope. The motivation for Geoff was that he was receiving more and more callouts for kitchen repair work, especially from landlords. It was often the case that callouts involved repairing thousands of dollars worth of damage – and sometimes even replacing the whole kitchen. What many owners don’t realise is that if someone had been called just a few months earlier, it would have been a simple, low cost repair before any real damage was done.

A Kitchen GP Service will repair little things and save landlords big dollars. Even something simple like a loose hinge on a cupboard—leave it too long and that would require a whole door replacement.

Some landlords may have also experienced the situation where a tradesperson has been ill-equipped to make repairs, and instead quoted on full replacements.

Recently, Geoff was called out to a job to patch a bench top that the owner was quoted nearly $1,500 to replace. By performing a repair before the damage became too severe, he was able to save the owner $1,200 in repairs.

He doesn’t just stop at your kitchen either. You can also take advantage of a full 20 point service that includes bathroom vanity, ensuite and laundry as well, so as an investor you have peace of mind.  He will then prepare a full report, including before and after photos, which is then emailed to the landlords who are often pleasantly surprised when they see the difference.

Like most Doctors, the Kitchen GP advises a yearly check-up to make sure the health of the kitchen stays in tip-top shape—and he offers a 12 month guarantee to those that do.          

They’ve already saved kitchens for investors all over Brisbane, as well as the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. They’re planning to expand next year—with a larger GP team and launch of their new book.

As a Special Christmas Bonus—the Kitchen GP is offering a FREE Health Appraisal of your investment property to all our landlords. If you would like to book in a FREE 20 point health check and written report on your property before Christmas, just follow this link to register:

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