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A look back on the first decade of ezyAPP.

Ten years ago, a small but ambitious agency by the name of ezyAPP opened its doors from a small office in Burpengary.

Who’d have thought we’d be where we are today?

Our recent success at the REIQ’s Awards for Excellence, which, by chance, coincided withour 10-year anniversary, gave us a chance to reflect on our history, and also to look ahead to the next decade.

Property Management and, indeed, Real Estate as a whole is an industry which has a tendency to get left behind in a world where what you buy today is outdated tomorrow. With that in mind, our focus at Solutions has always been to offer our clients a professional service that not only meets their expectations – but exceeds them.

What we believe separates the good from the great is the  ability to recognise where service is lacking – to identify a gap in the market, so to speak, and work to fill that gap.

With a rapid shift to an online world, we worked to develop our own unique online application forms, doing away with the hassle of filling in paperwork. Recognising that Real Estate is a field  fraught with misinformation for both tenants and landlords, we worked to establish ourselves as not only a rental agency, but a repository of valuable information.

Recently, we’ve completely re-designed our website to cement our commitment to being modern, fresh, and to lead the way as an industry leader in Property Management.

In amongst all of the hype surrounding our fresh new look and award wins, it’s crucial that we take the time to thank YOU. After all, ezyAPP wouldn’t be where we are today if not for our clients. Everything that we do, we do for you. Cheesy though it may sound, it’s the undeniable truth.

Without your trust in us, we’d have no reason to exist. So to all of our clients, thank-you. Let’s make the next 10 years as great as the last.

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