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Our focus at ezyAPP has always been to provide a professional property management service to investors.

In response to feedback from our clients, we are excited to announce that we are now able to handle property sales.

Phillip Murray, experienced and successful sales agent, has joined our team as Sales Manager. He can assist not only with selling your property, but also by providing appraisals and information on the market.




Fixed-term leases

The General Tenancy Agreement (Lease) is a legally binding contract which overrides all other contracts covering the property. Even if the ownership of the property changes, the Lease remains in place.

Therefore, be wary of the sales agent who claims that a Lease can be easily broken when a property is sold. This sort of bad advice can cause you significant financial hardship and loss.

Lease began less than 2 months ago:

If you put your property on the market within the first 2 months of a lease, the tenant is permitted to end the lease and vacate with only 2 weeks’ notice.

Lease is due for renewal soon

A tenant may decide to vacate at the end of the lease because the sale process is too disruptive and they desire more stability. It may then be difficult to attract a new tenant when the property is on the sale market, and we would advise you to leave it vacant to facilitate a quicker sale.

Periodic Leases

These are leases with no fixed end date, which is often a good alternative to a fixed-term lease when your property is for sale. This is because you can give the tenants 4 weeks’ notice to leave upon the signing of a contract of sale. HOWEVER, the risk is that the tenant only needs to give 2 weeks’ notice to leave at any time.

Your Choice of Agent

There are many agents who can sell your property, but only a select few have a good understanding of the tenancy laws. This is vital to you the owner because if your tenant feels unfairly treated, they can disrupt the sales process by hindering access or presenting the property in an unsatisfactory manner.

Phillip’s background as a sales principal managing his own property management department means that he understands how to deal with the sale of tenanted properties. Phillip’s friendly and professional manner puts tenants at ease which allows a good flow of communication between all parties.

You can contact Phillip at the office or by calling 0412 729 931 or emailing

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