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Solutions has hit a milestone this month, reaching 1000 properties under management!

Growth in a property management business can be a double-edged sword. If not planned and managed carefully, growth can put pressure on resources, resulting in reduction of service to clients.

From the very beginning, we had a clear vision for our company and the standard of service that we want to offer and are very proud of how our service has evolved to be better than ever before.


Most landlords are unaware that many other companies of a similar size are now outsourcing tasks to overseas ‘Virtual Assistants’ to cut labour costs and improve their bottom line. This is not part of our business model. As we grow, we invest back into our business by purchasing software, developing online solutions, and streamlining processes. We are also able to attract and recruit the best possible talent, working right here in our 2 offices, providing a 5-star personalised service to our Landlord and Tenant clients.


Thank you to our loyal clients and referrers… it’s onwards and upwards to our next goal…!!


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