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How property investors can be a part of the solution AND reap financial benefits!

In a market where many tenants are having trouble securing properties, for the more disadvantaged of our society, the situation is dire.

The COVID crisis last year has contributed to a critical shortage in Queensland housing, resulting in a growing number of families requiring urgent low-cost housing.

In fact, many people who lost their income during the COVID lockdown last year are still living in hotel rooms and desperate to move into homes and start rebuilding their lives.

How can I help??

As a private investor, you can be a part of the solution and it won’t be at the risk of your rental income. In fact, you could enjoy the benefits of guaranteed rental income and long stable tenancies by working with government organisations to house disadvantaged Queenslanders.

One such organisation is Coast2Bay Housing Group – an independent, not-for-profit group committed to providing affordable and safe homes to individuals and families throughout the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay area. Since 1991, they have worked to level the playing field by providing suitable properties to tenants at affordable rents.

In 2020, Coast2Bay Housing Group provided homes for over 1,200 low-income households through subsidised tenancy agreements enabling them to connect and participate more fully in community life.

Coast2Bay has approached our agency to offer this arrangement to our clients who own properties that meet their criteria.

How does it work?

The agent signs a 2-5 year ‘Head Lease’ with Coast2Bay, who becomes your tenant and then places their own tenants into the property, managing them via a standard Tenancy Agreement.

Your agent continues to represent you by overseeing the tenancy, attending inspections, and arranging maintenance to protect your investment.

The idea is similar to sub-letting, but through a fully registered provider which receives Government funding. They offer a low-risk, long-term tenancy with guaranteed rent for investors, taking the stress out of owning an investment property.

At the end of the Head Lease agreement, your property will be returned in a good clean condition, and any damages will be fully rectified by professional government-employed contractors.

Who is suited to this arrangement?

 Coast2Bay is urgently seeking dozens of properties to house families affected by the COVID crisis.

Properties in the scheme must be safe and livable, preferably in the lower rent price bracket. You will receive market rent (sometimes even more), paid one month in advance.

If you would like a long, stable tenancy with guaranteed rent income, speak with your agent about joining this worthwhile scheme, and help a Queensland family to get back on their feet.

For more information on Coast2Bay, phone 1300 796 716, or contact Trudy Lane (Operations Manager) on 0418 679 161 or email

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