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We Strive to Provide 5-Star Service to Our Valued Tenants.

Our properties are well-presented and well-maintained, our staff are efficient and friendly, and we offer many convenient ways for you to pay your rent.

The information in this section is designed specifically for use by our Tenants. Please also refer to the Information Guide which was given to you in your Welcome Pack.


NOTE – If you are suffering from Domestic or Family Violence, you have special rights as a tenant. CLICK HERE for information, resources, and assistance.

Tenant Fact Sheets

Click on the links below to download our Tenant Fact Sheets:

Rent Arrears Procedure

Tenant Insurance

Entry Condition Report

Change of Shared Tenancy

Early Termination

(Break Lease)

Vacating Your Property

Residential Tenancies Authority

ezyAPP abides strictly by the rules and regulations of the Residential Tenancies Act. To find out about your rights and responsibilities as tenant, please click the link above.


To ensure speedy organisation of services and connection of your utilities, ezyAPP offers Solutions Connect. This is a completely free service! Click on the link above to find out more.

Easy Bondpay

Our new tenants can apply to receive a Bond Loan through Easy Bondpay – an independent finance company specialising in Bond Loans.
Click on the link above for more information.

Get Your Bond Back!

When it comes time to vacate your property, give yourself the best chance possible to receive your bond back in full.

The short video below gives a quick rundown on how to ensure you get your bond back in full, and our Bond Back Booklet provides an exhaustive list of things to check, clean and tidy before you leave!

Click onto the links below for handy information to help you get your bond back!

Get your Bond Back! – A Guide for Tenants who are Vacating their Property

Recommended Bond Cleaners and Contractors


Current Water Usage Charges

If you are in the Moreton Bay Region or Sunshine Coast:

If you are in the Brisbane or Ipswich City Council areas:
Queensland Urban Utilities

If you are in the Logan City Council area:
Logan City Council

If you are in the Gold Coast City Council area:
Gold Coast City Council


Looking for services in your area? Search over 48,000 Queensland family community services all in OnePlace.

Just click the link above.

Tenant Forms

There are a number of forms you can download from this site to help with making requests, changes of details, payment authorities and more.

RTA Tenant Information Booket - Form 17A

Download the RTA information booklet which outlines your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. For more detailed information please click on the RTA link in the sidebar on the right.

Download the booklet

Authority to collect

If you are unable to collect the keys at the start of your tenancy, you can send a representative in your place.

Please fill in this form and return to ezyAPP BEFORE your lease start date.

Download the Authority to Collect form

Tenant Request Form

If you would like to make a request to the Owner of the property you are renting, you must do this in writing by using this form.

(Examples include: approval to install Pay TV, approval to put hooks in walls, request for installation of ceiling fans, etc).

Fill in the Online Form

Pet Request Form

All pets kept at a property must be approved in writing.

This includes minding someone else’s pet.

For current tenants who would like to apply to keep a pet at the property, please fill out the RTA Form 21 and submit to our office.

Once we receive this, we will submit it to the owner for their approval and be in touch as soon as possible.

As we have 14 days in which to reply, you must not bring the pet into the property until it has been approved or the 14 days has passed.

If you live in a unit or townhouse, you will need to obtain the permission of the Body Corporate before you can keep a pet. Given they are not obligated to respond for a period of up to 6 weeks, we may need to decline the request subject to Body Corporate approval. Therefore, if you can contact them directly to start the process this would be of great benefit to you.

RTA Form 21

Approved Occupant Form

When inviting another person to live at your rental property, it is not always necessary to sign a new lease.

However, you must ensure that the extra occupant is approved by the owner of the property by filling out the form below.

Please note that this only applies to the occupant named on the form and does NOT include any new pets. If the occupant brings a pet with them, you need to fill out a separate Pet Application Form which must be approved by the owner.

Fill in the online form

Form 13 - Notice of intention to leave

If you would like to leave at the end of your lease agreement, it must be submitted to our office in writing, stating the date you intend to vacate. It must be signed by ALL lease-holders. Minimum notice period is two weeks, or the end of the lease, whichever is the LATTER.

The easiest way to advise us you are not renewing your lease is to fill out and submit an RTA form 13. The required notice periods are stated on page.

Download the form 13

Tenant Incident Report

If an incident causing injury has occurred at the property you are renting, please fill out this form and submit to our office immediately.

Download the tenant incident report form

Change of Details Form

If your email address or phone number has changed, you need to fill out the form below and return to us.

Download the Change of details form