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Can I refuse Pets at my rental property?

In the past, lessors have been able to decline pets at their properties for no reasons.

However, from 1st October 2022, a lessor cannot simply refuse a request for a pet without a prescribed reason as permitted under the RTRA Act.  We cannot advertise ‘No Pets Allowed’ or apply a blanket pet prohibition.

If a tenant wishes to keep a pet during their tenancy, they must complete and submit the approved RTA form ‘Request for approval to keep a pet in rental property’.

Once the lessor receives this request, they must respond in writing with their decision within 14 days.

If the lessor APPROVES of the pet, they may specify reasonable conditions in their response for keeping the pet.

If the lessor refuses the pet, they must specify a reason that is outlined in the legislation for the refusal.

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