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I want to help my Tenants – What should I do?

Many owners have expressed concern for their tenants and have asked if there was anything they could do to help.

We understand that many property owners are going through the same financial difficulties as their tenants and may not be in a position to give extra assistance. However, if you are able to assist your tenants financially, our suggestion is to offer one or two weeks’ rent free. Just email and she will arrange it for you.

This can provide a relief for tenants who have lost their jobs and are waiting for their Centrelink payments to start coming through.

Sometimes it’s not about the money. Tenants can feel unsettled at the best of times, because they don’t have total control over their tenancy if owners decide to sell or move in. Right now, they will be feeling even more anxious and some words of comfort from the owner of the property may make a big difference. A simple idea is to post a hand-written letter to them. You could even add a gift card to buy groceries (eg Coles/Myer card). Even a small gesture will show them you are thinking of them.

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