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It’s that time of the year when Year 12 students are thinking about their futures and the beginning of their careers.
But many will also have to deal with moving out of home, and are unprepared for what awaits them as they seek to become tenants for the first time. They can work maths equations and write assignments… but do they know how to fill out a General Tenancy Lease Agreement? Do they know how to protect their rights when a Landlord/Agent wants to take the bond from them at the end of the tenancy??
Most issues surrounding renting properties arise when either party is not aware of the legislation and their responsibilities. And once the relationship starts deteriorating, it is very hard to bring parties back together to reach an amicable solution.
At ezyAPP, our goal is to educate owners and tenants from the beginning so that conflict is reduced and all parties can enjoy a smooth tenancy.
As part of our commitment to the community, we believe education starts from school leavers, as these are the most vulnerable. This is why Laura (our Principal and Managing Director) donates her time to schools throughout Brisbane to deliver important information to Year 12 students.  Her ‘Guide to Renting’ session lasts about 45 minutes including question time, and we have received very positive feedback from students and teachers alike.
In her presentations, Laura gives many insights learnt from her 16 years’ experience in the industry that most tenants are not aware of. And as the REIQ Property Manager of the Year 2018, attendees can be assured that her information is factual, balanced, and legally compliant. There is even a small section about Schoolies Week and how students can protect themselves from losing their bond money.
If you would like to see Laura present at your school or learning institution, please have the administrator/ careers officer send an email to

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